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Nice to meet you! I'm happy you made it to this page. I'm Katy Spartz, and I have been practicing yoga consistently since 2014 and gained even greater interest as the practice became an important stress and pain reliever during my twin pregnancy in 2018. Soon after, I completed my 200-hour yoga certification through Lotus Yoga Dallas. My passion lies in offering tips and insight into the power of your mind-body connection. With my 13+ years of experience in business and the office environment as well as familiarity with different exercise practices, I have seen yoga offer freedom from muscle tension and stress caused by everyday activities and strive to offer a practice that releases and heals the body. Get some of my top tips on stress relief through my FREE guide!

When I formed Lark + Evergreen, I wanted to create a space for connection. As the name symbolizes, I hope to inspire an outlook rooted in the sign of a new day or fresh perspective (what a lark is known for) and determination (like evergreen trees that stick around through all kinds of weather). I believe that, beyond the many physical benefits of yoga, the practice of gathering together, whether near or far, can deepen our awareness in life and guide us through many hard things.

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