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Is "ease" the same as "easy"?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when something doesn’t feel easy to me, I can often think that it will always feel hard. Are you the same way?

This is exactly what I thought about having twins. In the early days, while I was always so thrilled they were part of our lives, it didn’t always feel easy, and I wondered if it would always feel hard. But I actually feel ease with this now. Let me make sure you caught that -- it’s not easy for me, as I still have to put effort into raising these two wonderful kids, but I am finding greater ease with raising two kids at once now.

When you find yourself in a place where you feel like there is no relief from hard work in sight, that’s incredibly tough. Feeling like something will always be hard can carry a heavy weight, translating into higher stress, burnout, less sleep, etc. And it’s not that putting in effort is bad - it teaches us and shapes us, and that’s very positive. But when you work to find a good balance between working hard at something and beginning to master it to the point that you can do it with ease, you can lower your stress, improve your sleep, and feel confident in your daily life and activities.

Doing something with ease means we have put in the effort, learned a few things, and gained efficiency. We aren’t skipping over the effort, just knowing how to move through it to a place that enables us to thrive. I would love for you to experience this with how you move through your daily life, both physically and mentally.

To help you manage through your hard work and even balance between ease and effort, I have created a Stress Relief Guide. It’s free, so I want to be sure you have it in your hands! Take a look, try out the ideas, and comment or email to tell me what’s working for you!

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