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What Customers Are Saying

"I’ve taken and enjoyed many classes with Katy in the past. I recently hurt my knee on a walk and took a break from my yoga practice. When I started taking classes again, I wasn’t sure what I could do. I am so happy to say that more activity, both walking and yoga, has been strengthening and improving my knee! I’d definitely recommend Katy’s yoga classes because of the strength I’ve gained and her coaching on modifications." 

– Mona S.

“I recently started taking yoga classes with Katy. Having a scheduled time really helps me stay consistent with my yoga practice. I have struggled with a frozen shoulder so am trying to regain movement on that side. Over the last couple of weeks in being consistent, I am glad to report that I am starting to be able to move that shoulder a bit more. I’m looking forward to seeing more progress and would recommend yoga and Katy’s classes for anyone who is seeking increased flexibility and mobility!"

– Laurie H.

“I really appreciate how Katy pays attention to protecting your back and core in her yoga practices! I have a fairly sizable diastasis from after having kids and a lack of core strength that I’ve been trying to work on, so I’m always mindful of that. I love yoga, and when I first took Katy’s flow class, I was reminded of how much I’ve missed it. I definitely realized I’m a lot less flexible than before having kids, but everything in the class was still very accessible for me and made me feel confident that I can still do it!"

– Megan H.

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